A new hack: pivot the unicorn.

What? Exactly.

Let’s break it down a little…

According to Google (and having checked my very old copy, the Collins Dictionary of the concise variety concurs), to ‘hack’ means to “cut with rough or heavy blows” or to “gain unauthorised access to data in a system or computer.” Neither of these are positive and in many instances are illegal.

So, what is ‘growth hacking’? It, like all of the other business-related hacks, seems to be a new term for people to be able to claim expertise against. It’s a bit like someone proclaiming themselves to be an entrepreneur.

Aren’t you just doing what you would normally do, but with the aim of getting quicker results? But possibly cutting corners?

One of the latest ones, everyone’s on a pivot these days. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand the context in which it’s used now. Does it mean to shift direction in response to the needs of your business? Or is it referring to a central point of importance?

According to a well-known and very large consultancy, it’s an innovative strategy that enables leaders to reinvent their organisations and stay relevant for the future.

You mean stay current and respond?

When in doubt, inject a mythical figure. A marketing unicorn is someone who focusses on the activities that give them the greatest returns…I believe.

Just doing your job then?

As an experienced business wizard, I feel it’s important to point out that we’d probably hack our way to a successful pivot (riding on the back of a unicorn), if we were simply to say what we mean. Instead of spending half our time trying to come up with a new name or phrase for our idea to make it stand out let’s focus on making the idea great.

That way, if it is great, it will stand out anyway.

We’ll be chucking things into wells and seeing if they splash next.

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