Content in use: where it should be

In most organisations:

New content is constantly created, often when it isn’t needed, because of a lack of visibility about what exists.

More than that, there’s a lack of understanding about what content is the latest and greatest, because there’s no identifying information on it.

That’s if you can even find the content, because it’s lost to SharePoint somewhere

So you simply create something new by updating the last deck you also updated a little while back.


You take a punt.

The content you have created or adapted is “good enough”; doesn’t appear to make any substantive offer you might get called on; and broadly feels like it fits your brand.

So you send it to your customer. On email. Probably in a zip file.

No response? Move on.

This is why we created Carousel.

An intuitive and easy to use platform for your best-in-class marketing and sales content, that enables you to send it to customers for a better user experience.

You can access content you know is up to date and accurate and download it directly to your own device. So if you are going to adapt something, most of the job is probably done for you.

Crucially, you understand more about what your customer has done with it – if they looked at it, and when – which informs your next conversation with them.


Go here for more information:

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