Content shared from marketing to sales, and sales to customers.

Accelerate new business;

drive partner and vendor investment with our easy-to-use bespoke digital sales enablement platform.

“Carousel has enabled our team to deliver a new marketing functionality to power sales and customer engagement, while also driving investment from key partners and vendors.”


Find... Access... Share... Track...

Key sales and marketing assets in an instant

Give your sales teams quick and easy access to key sales and marketing content when and where they need it.

Deliver a better experience for your account community and customers by sharing content directly from Carousel and closely monitoring its use.

Help boost partner and vendor sales, plus drive investment by offering access to your Carousel platform.

Never miss another customer sales opportunity.

Simple to use & personalise

Carousel’s highly intuitive and familiar interface means assets can be accessed quickly and easily, just like searching for content on Netflix. The same goes for uploading material.

Fully brand for your business to reinforce your vision and values, and drive adoption

Organise your content your way to best meet the needs of your sales team and customers

Highlight your latest content through a range of engaging promotional techniques

Access Anywhere
Use anytime on any device via Single Sign On

How Carousel works...

All content is organised into the categories of your choice, each with its own category page containing explanation information and access to all relevant assets.
All of your content is accessed from dedicated pages that contain key asset details, the ability to download or share, and the opportunity to rate the content.
Content can be shared with customers through the platform, providing an enhanced experience over and above just emailing it. Importantly, the platform is driven by individual usage stats, so you know if, and when, your customer has accessed the content.

Safe... Cost effective... Quick to deploy.


To keep your assets and data safe, Carousel is:

  • Hosted on a secure three-server set up for resilience
  • Accessed via two-factor authentication or Single Sign On
  • Subject to SSL certification


All costs are clearly set out and agreed up front. We offer fixed costs for initial deployment, and any additional charges are based on your needs, such as specific access requirements.

Fast Integration

Carousel is a cloud-based platform, so runs independently of your IT systems. This means it can be up and running quickly, with your team brought rapidly up to speed through a comprehensive digital communications and consultation campaign tailored to their specific needs.

Transform your sales operations today.