Content shared from marketing to sales, and sales to customers.

Enabling more sales for your business​

Customer facing content created for the Sales Community is traditionally accessed via the company website, shared between colleagues or buried deep within the complex layers of immense internal filing systems (which aren’t necessarily kept up to date).

Normal? Yes. Easy to find? No.

How much time is wasted creating new content in different ways, when great work that’s already been produced could be used instead?

If valuable content can’t be found, it’s not being used.

And that means opportunities with customers will be missed.

Carousel for ABM & DBM

For any 1-2-1 ABM or DBM strategy, your account teams are your main channel to the customer - Carousel enables them to access best-in-class, personalised customer content and share it directly with them. They will know whether the customer has accessed the content, which informs their next conversation. Carousel makes ABM and DBM content visible to all account teams which informs their own strategy - and gives them a head start with existing content.

Carousel for Sales

All of the content created by marketing for sales can be aggregated into clear categories and presented to the sales community via Carousel. It provides the platform for ensuring they have the latest assets in preparation for engagement with customers. Carousel allows them to send content direct to customers, providing a better experience over email, and gives them customer interaction data.

In the right hands, at the right time

Carousel is a simple to use content resource which allows effective sharing of content from marketing to sales and sales to customers.

The pre-built concept is based on a series of carousels that neatly categorise content to enable, not prevent sales…hence the name!

Carousel lets you access your best content, share it directly with customers, and know when they have seen it. 


Carousel can be fully branded to your business' identity.


Carousel is fully responsive to work on any device, and can be integrated via Single Sign On.


Full width banner can host image or video content to promote your latest content.


Each carousel links to a category page that aggregates related content.


All content is organised into the categories of your choice, each with it's own category page containing explanation information and access to all relevant assets.



All of your content is accessed from dedicated pages that contain key asset details, the ability to download or share, and the opportunity to rate the content.


Content can be shared with customers through the platform, providing an enhanced experience over and above just emailing it. Importantly, the platform is driven by individual usage stats, so you know if, and when, your customer has accessed the content.

Key Details


Carousel is hosted on a secure 3-server set up for resilience; accessed via two-factor authentication or via SSO; and subject to SSL certification.


Carousel is a cloud based product, so runs independent to your IT systems. We need to know some details to ensure access, but that's it.


We offer fixed costs for initial deployment, and any additional costs are based on your needs e.g. specific access requirements. However, all costs are agreed up front.

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