We believe…in belief

It’s a big word, trust. Yet it seems to get thrown around quite a lot. We’re told to build trust through social, as a route to sell more. Organisations spend fortunes in an attempt to build ‘brand trust’ to attract new customers. Or, “we need to build trust in our proposal.” It’s a word that […]

We believe…in knowing why you’ll lose.

Win themes are critically important. Combing through the requirements of the bid, applying what you know about the customer, and interpreting your role in the overall strategy of the customer business are all necessary pieces of work that will help you to develop positive messaging that can be used throughout the bid process. But you […]

We believe…in people.

I say it all the time, and I’ll keep on saying it…people buy from other people. Not only that… People buy from people with credibility: People they believe have the knowledge and skills that can help them. Trust comes later, when you’ve done what you said you will do. The more complex the deal, the […]