Digital Publications


Digital Content that Differentiates.

When it comes to content, we’re all looking to cut through the noise, make an impact, and truly engage our audience. Producing digitally impactful content has become paramount to success, because no matter how fantastic your message might be, if it’s not delivered in a way that aligns to the habits of those that consume it, it simply won’t get noticed. Here at Differentiated we’re always on the lookout for new ways to create stand out content.

Enter Digital Publications

Digital publications enable you to deliver immersive content that’s engaging, measurable and looks great on any device. Plus, we use an established platform so it’s easy to create cost effective publications.

Digital publications transform static content, enabling users to digest content that would normally be delivered via PDF in a digitally optimised way. They bring content to life with interactive and animated content within a contained publication, rather than across disparate web pages.

PDFs vs. Digital Publications

Sure, PDFs still have their place in a customer journey, but they are problematic as a digitally engaging medium. Even animated PDFs are tricky to view on mobile devices and they lack the responsiveness, personalisation, and engaging visuals that people now expect when consuming content online. 

Importantly, they lack analytics. Digital Publications enable you to understand page level usage down to individual user interactions with all of the content.

PDFs aren’t responsive, requiring the user to pinch and zoom to work their way around. Digital Publications fully digitise the PDF approach.

Read more about Digital Publications...on a Digital Publication.

Websites vs. Digital Publications

Digital publications are independent pieces of online interactive content with its own URL. They have distinctive features such as linear navigation, visual ‘jump to’ menus, and are hosted on a dedicated and secure platform. As such, they work in tandem with an organisation’s online presence, rather than confuse it.

Features of Digital Publications:

  • Fully responsive
  • Detailed usage analytics
  • Rich and immersive content
  • Content gating and forms
  • Secure and GDPR compliant
  • CRM integration
  • Re-marketing

Digital content that differentiates, and gets results.