Sales Enablement

The tools to do the job.

Arming sales teams with stronger, clearer, differentiated content is invaluable when it comes to enablement. But they need to be able to access it and know how to use it. So, we ensure our clients’ sales teams are fully equipped with all the tools and skills they need to build long-lasting relationships and consistently create opportunity.

I saw this and thought of you.

We create the sales content that people need, across the full sales cycle. From conversation starters, through to in-depth insight and credibility, effective content arms the sales community with the back-up to break open acquisition, cross or up-sell opportunities.

Netflix for Sales

Better engagement with the sales community leads to better customer engagement – so we create ways in which organisations can deliver a better experience for sales.

Our sales enablement platform, Carousel, is designed for that purpose – a sort of Netflix for sales. It delivers an intuitive way for sales to access, understand and use sales and marketing content.


Channel Partnerships

Partnerships are critical within the world of B2B. They can underpin an organisations’ offer, add-value to the customer relationship, even enable a business to genuinely innovate.

How do you maximise the opportunity presented by a partner’s own marketing initiatives, or drive tangible return on investment from marketing development funds?

With Differentiated thinking.


Social selling is no longer a thing. Selling using social media is. We used to say that using social media to generate opportunities is accepted, but tomorrow it will be expected. Well, tomorrow is here.

There’s no dark art involved, social media can be used to create connections, build relationships and uncover and influence new opportunities. But there’s still a general lack of understanding about the best way to go about it.

Differentiated provides sales education on social selling through practical training methods that allow people to do it right, stick with it and create a return.