Differentiated Research: Understanding Our Customers’ Customer

How do your customers want to be communicated with?

There is a wealth of research and insights available regarding the specific needs of a technical buying audience, such as their challenges, opportunities, strategic requirements, and technological needs.

However, there is a significant gap in research when it comes to understanding how this audience prefers to be communicated with by organisations that can address their needs.

90% say tech vendors need to recognise that there is both an art and a science to creating a positive buyer experience.”

To bridge this gap, we conducted interviews with 201 IT decision-makers and buyers from various industries, ranging from CIOs to lower-level executives.

In addition to exploring their communication preferences, we also delved into their opinions on newer communication strategies and formats, with a particular focus on Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

This comprehensive research aims to provide valuable insights into how businesses can effectively engage with a technical buying audience, tailoring their communication strategies to meet the audience’s expectations and needs.

86% say tech vendors can better build trust by treating them with empathy as a human rather than a buyer or sales target.”

In this research report we explore:

The evolution of decision making:
What key factors influence vendor and technology choices.

Contact and content preferences:
How do they want to be communicated with, using what formats?

Marketing & Sales frustrations:
What do they want less of, and more of?

Perspectives on ABM:
What does your target audience think of ABM and is it having an impact?