Privacy Policy

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We’ve tried to make our privacy policy simple…

  1. We collect data about you in the following ways:

    • We use cookies so that your experience of using the site will actually work

    • We have a free, but world famous analytics package made by Google, which means we track your usage of the site without knowing who you are

    • Personal data is only collected if you freely provide it – for example if you fill out a contact form, or make a comment on a post or page – in those instances, we collect and hold the data you provide

  2. Where we hold your data:

    • We hold your data in a few places – not many, but include: the database for this website; our CRM system; and our email clients

    • All data is secure – for example, we use enhanced security on this website, and the CRM and email clients are from very large, very secure organisations

  3. Your rights:

    • You have rights, including knowing what data we have, and what we intend on doing with…please ask and we’ll tell you all we know

    • However, we will try and tell you what we do with your data when we collect it

    • If we haven’t told you, it’s because you have proactively contacted us – in this instance, we will use your data only to get in touch with you, if you request it

  4. If we’re honest:

    • Whilst sales and marketing is our game, this is our website and so we’re clear that the amount of data we will hold is relatively small (but possibly quite effective) and completely safe

    • We have no intention of doing anything outside of the rules

    • Which is why we’re limiting the policy, at the moment, to this.

 If you have any questions about this website, the data we collect, what we do with it, where and how we hold it, your own data and what you want is to do with it…just ask: