We are Differentiated – a B2B marketing and sales agency that likes to think differently. We help organisations delight their customers through better communication, greater creativity, and by ignoring conventional wisdom.

No-one ever sets out to be average. However, we also know that it’s easy to just do something because ‘that’s how it’s always been done’. That’s why we’re here to help you take a fresh approach and achieve meaningful outcomes. We refuse to accept that good enough is good enough. We don’t do templates. No one-size-fits-all. We are Differentiated. Are you?


Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is here to stay.
Its growth has led to multiple theories, approaches and views on how to make it effective. But for us, it’s simple:

ABM is about getting your message in front of the people you need it to be in front of, when and where they are looking.

Most customers don’t know exactly what you can do for them because they often simply aren’t told. That’s why we focus on the story you need to tell, based on the people you need to tell it to.

Context is key, so we build a detailed understanding of the target audience – and always put the customer first. Then, wherever possible, we create dedicated communications channels between yourself and your customer to create the greatest return.


Deal Based Marketing

Deal Based Marketing (DBM) focuses on applying creativity and innovation throughout the lifecycle of a bid, from the Request for Information (RFI) through to the post-bid transition.

Our approach to DBM is unique and direct. It’s not bid writing, or a replacement of standard internal processes; it’s a bespoke combination of effective communications strategies and crafted messaging, with a drive to capitalise on every single opportunity.


Content & Campaigns

Context is king

For us, content is more than just blogging. Content sits at the very heart of marketing and needs to work hard – from hitting your target audience between the eyes with your message, to compelling them to respond.

Yes, you should use content to ‘spread the word’, but don’t miss the opportunity to get your audience to act in a different way.

On purpose

We’ll ensure you get your messages to market as effectively as possible through well-crafted words, design with impact, and unique content formats.

Whether it’s thought leadership through social channels, personalised digital publications, or good old brochureware, we can help you craft the right content.

By demonstrating an understanding of, and empathy with, your target’s situation, we can keep them engaged. We’ll communicate your unique capabilities and convey your credibility.

Go to market or get more leads?

We use our expertise and experience to find the most effective mechanisms to deliver your messaging. Whether it’s for go to market, or for the express purpose of driving demand and creating leads, we assess and plan the right mix of communication tactics to deliver the best results.

We have the capability to deliver go to market strategies, demand generation, thought leadership programmes, awareness initiatives and more.

Sales Enablement

I saw this and thought of you

We create the sales content that your people need, across the full sales cycle. From conversation starters, through to in-depth insight and credibility, effective content arms your sales community with everything they need to break open acquisition, cross or up-sell opportunities.

Netflix for sales

Better engagement with your sales community leads to better customer engagement – so we create unique ways for you to deliver a better experience for sales. Our sales enablement platform, Carousel, is designed for that purpose – a sort of Netflix for sales.

Channel partnerships

Partnerships are critical within the world of B2B.
With Differentiated thinking, we can help you maximise the opportunities presented by a partner’s own marketing initiatives, drive tangible return on investment from marketing development funds, and ultimately build better partnerships.

Socially acceptable?

We used to say that using social media to generate opportunities is accepted, but tomorrow it will be expected. Well, tomorrow is here. We can teach you how to leverage social media to create connections, uncover new opportunities, and create real returns.


Exchanging genuine value

The world has changed rapidly in recent times – and it will no doubt continue to do so. Consequently, consumer demands have shifted, business expectations have heightened, industries have evolved, and the ‘value’ part of a value exchange has changed.

If you want someone to really engage with you, you now need to offer them more. That’s why we can work closely alongside you to establish new engagement models, events and opportunities that create valuable interactions that actually go somewhere.

Delivering more

From new sales models; to refreshed customer engagement models; to exciting executive engagements and events; and truly effective internal engagement, we can help you give more to your customers – and consequently receive more in return.