Deal Based Marketing

The sharp end of ABM.

In a world of more contracts of smaller value, greater complexity in decision making, and increased and non-traditional competition, how do you stand out from the crowd?

In our view, the story you tell and the way you deliver it across the whole bid landscape is your greatest opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

We start by understanding all of the reasons why you would lose as much as why you would win. Then we build a strategy to help you differentiate to win.

Shift the dial

Our approach to Deal Based Marketing (DBM) is unique and direct. It’s not bid writing, or a replacement of standard internal processes, it’s…

  • Effective communications strategies to identify new ways to show originality and create stand out
  • Crafted messaging to clearly articulate a deep understanding of the customer’s priorities and then align the solution to this (rather than just talking about yourselves)
  • Capitalising on every opportunity, from pre-bid to post-bid, to land that messaging in a unique way

It’s a business of marginal gains so we look for each and every opportunity to shift the dial in your favour – through creativity and innovation within and around the entire bid process.

Where do we differentiate you?

Where have we differentiated?

Brands we have successfully deployed DBM to on behalf of our customers:

From our customers

I’ve worked with the people from Differentiated on customer bids and account plans of various sizes. From ADP’s that became the benchmark of ‘what good looks like’, to sales campaigns that changed the way we approached the contact centre market – my best stories have all started with a simple conversation with them.
Global Telecommunications Provider
Their understanding and empathy with the needs of our customer is comprehensive and highly valuable. Their can-do attitude and ability to integrate with our team, whilst appreciating the dynamics of our communication needs is really important to us and enables us to directly and positively affect our customer’s view.
UK Network Provider


Discover how we transformed a major bid by redefining the brief; creating and delivering innovation driven messaging; and weaved value-added communications into the entire process.

Or speak to us about how we might do the same for you.