man think how to solve the problem

We believe…in people.

I say it all the time, and I’ll keep on saying it…people buy from other people.

Not only that…

People buy from people with credibility:

People they believe have the knowledge and skills that can help them. Trust comes later, when you’ve done what you said you will do.

The more complex the deal, the greater the need for human interaction:

This is because they look to other people who are expert in their field, to validate their choices. You do it – when you need a new TV, you’ll do all your research online, and probably buy online, but before you press pay you’ll check with someone else that you’re making the right choice (even if it’s under the basic guise of ‘informing your significant other’ before you pay out).

People buy outcomes, and don’t really care about the features and benefits:

Most organisations can’t tell the difference, let alone articulate a genuine outcome – if you really want to resonate with your customers, learn what an outcome is and how to present those that will meet the needs of your target audience.

People respond to creativity:

Whether it’s an innovative idea, or simply a well-crafted PowerPoint that doesn’t make use of smart art – they appreciate work that has been though through and ‘designed for them’.

We don’t see any of the above changing anytime soon…or ever for that matter. Therefore, everything we do from a communications perspective should be done with the above in mind.

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